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Contact:  Janet G. Erway

Cooperstown Art Association

22 Main Street

Cooperstown, NY  13326

(607) 547-9777

March 23, 2013

CAA Announces “Two Generations of Gouache” and “Into the Light”

An opening reception on Friday, April 5th from 5-7pm will celebrate “Two Generations of Gouache” by Daniel J. Harrington and Daniel K. Tennant in Gallery A and acrylic paintings by Mimi George, "Into the Light" in Gallery B.  Both exhibits will be on display through April 24, 2013.

Daniel J. Harrington of Guilford, NY and Daniel K. Tennant of New Woodstock, NY will be exhibiting "Two Generations of Gouache".  Daniel J. Harrington was the grand prize winner in our 2011 Regional Juried Art Show "Essential Art" and long time student of his co-exhibitor and mentor, Daniel K. Tennant.  Harrington states, "I have had a love for drawing for as long as I can remember. Growing up I became very interested in art but I had no real direction or guidance. The moment when everything clicked for me was at my Grandmother's funeral. I was thirteen and that was when I saw my first Daniel K. Tennant painting."  Harrington began studying with Daniel K. Tennant and Mr. Tennant later introduced him to gouache (opaque watercolor). This medium was a perfect fit for Harrington - it is opaque, it dries quickly and it enables him to make crisp details or soft washes. Daniel Harrington has been painting with gouache as his sole medium for 19 years. Daniel K. Tennant is one of the very few fine artists in the country who uses gouache as their only medium.  His work is done on a larger scale and has been exhibited extensively across the U.S. and is represented by M.A. Doran Gallery in Tulsa, OK.  Both Harrington & Tennant are masters of texture compelling the viewer to reach out and touch their work!  With both of these artists you will find yourself looking a bit closer and might even find yourself trying to dust off the eerily realistic mason jars or instruments in their crisp paintings.

Mimi George of Jamesville, NY considers herself a representational artist with an impressionistic focus.  "Light and the way I perceive it are vital to my work.  My landscapes tend to be intuitive, textural and atmospheric, inviting the viewer to interpret the moment.  My abstract works sometimes seem to be directing me rather than the opposite, with emphasis on pattern, color and texture," states Mimi.  She tries to achieve a luminous play of light across the surface of all her paintings, creating a sense of place and time, taking viewers "Into the Light".

The CAA is located at 22 Main Street in Cooperstown in the Village Building on the corner of Main and Fair Streets.  Gallery Hours: 11 - 4 pm daily, 1 – 4 pm Sundays, closed Tuesdays.  Please call (607) 547-9777 for more information or visit




--   Janet G. Erway, Director  Cory Anne Sharer, Assistant Director  Cooperstown Art Association  22 Main Street Cooperstown, NY 13326  (607) 547-9777  (607)547-1187 fax

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